We deliver a turnkey,
cost-efficient and
profitable marketing
experience for our clients.
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Bantu Direct creates high-response, direct marketing programs that reach target audiences during key life-changing moments — when brand loyalties and buying patterns are determined.

We provide a managed, marketing platform that harnesses the benefits of multiple mediums to efficiently and cost-effectively engage business and consumer targets and drive profitable, customer acquisition for our marketing partners.

By integrating direct mail, and social/digital media, we are able to help marketers get in front of valuable targets at an opportune time to meet their overriding priorities and needs.

These valuable targets include new business owners, new homeowners, and new parents. These audiences are a prime target for marketers and provide a constant source of new customers.

Our Mission: We are focused on delivering a turnkey, cost-efficient, measurable and profitable experience for our clients.
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Bantu Direct works with Fortune 1000 companies, in financial services, healthcare, technology, communications, packaged goods, etc. to positively position them in front of consumers who are aligned by circumstance and who have a higher propensity to make purchases.

We leverage the benefits of best-in-class data, design and campaign management, in addition to social/digital marketing expertise to deliver tailored direct marketing + customer acquisition campaigns for our clients.
Our multi-channel approach helps brands and offers remain top-of-mind, and together with a strong call-to-action, the result is high capture and conversion rates.
We bring a deep understanding of both B2B and B2C marketing and leadership in the nuances of life-stage marketing.
Annually, over 3 Million new businesses are started; close to 5 Million homes are purchased:
over 4 Million new babies are born…
Business owners need office equipment, computers, phone + internet services, business checking accounts, accounting and office productivity solutions, web services, etc. to get their businesses up and running.
New homeowners need household goods such as appliances, furniture, lighting, bedding and linens, gardening + outdoor equipment, and will also establish new relationships with phone, Internet and TV services, when they move into their new neighborhood
New parents will establish many new brand and retail relationships with drug stores, grocery brands, children’s clothing, nutrition, health and wellness products, etc.
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